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Now, this is a Stretch

Jun 29, 2017 - By Vermont Modern - 0

Stretch Pendant in Red

In the world of lighting, the Stretch Pendant is no downward dog. This is a piece that can evoke different emotions. First, let’s be honest, there’s the “wow” factor. After you catch your breath though, there’s a sense of wonder as your eyes trace its contours. The pendant’s plates give the illusion of having reached the end of their elasticity. They look ready to spring back together at any moment. But they won’t. They’re crafted from steel. Or you might feel nostalgic as you remember a trip to the shore and how far you could stretch saltwater taffy before it finally gave way. Illumination hides and emerges like the sun from clouds on your beach vacation.
NYCx Design Award honoree - stretch
Stretch pendant in gold - close up

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