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Old Sparky – Throw the Switch

Jan 10, 2018 - By Vermont Modern - 0

What can we say? It’s an electrifying fixture. A twist on modern design and turn of the century form, Old Sparky was inspired by old-fashioned throw switches – like the one used to bring Frankenstein’s monster alive.

Old fashioned flip switch on top of a leather chair and a deer skull

From the double pole knife switch design, to the dual purpose maple wood accents that act as the insulator for the flow of electricity, Vermont Modern brought analog and digital technologies to life with this multipurpose LED. Hang the fixture on your wall as an articulating plug-in sconce and pull the switch and watch the LED come to life. Direct the LED on the wall for a wash of light or rotate the handle and arm downwards to use as a reading lamp.

If you would like to use it as a table lamp, then go ahead and place it on your favorite table for a unique task lamp you’re guaranteed to love.

“Throw the switch” – Andy Morter, Designer of Old Sparky

By Josh Ryan, a Visual Merchandising Specialist for Hubbardton Forge. Josh joined the Forge in 2011, enjoys the outdoors, is an Aspiring Adirondack 46er (look it up) and likes to think he’s funny.


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