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P.O.V with Annie B. – The Unity: retro disco, glam, fur and lots of mojo

Jan 9, 2018 - By Vermont Modern - 0

When I first met the Unity Pendant it was obsession at first sight. My curiosity peeked the moment Paul M-H, the designer behind the piece, revealed the finished pendant in our design room. There it was, hanging in all its glory, with the bold spheres of opal glass and the swooping forged steel details, held like dangling earrings. The movement was crucial to Paul, “like rippling waves radiating from the light source.” When asked about the inspiration, he replied, “I was feeling a mid-century/Retro vibe while sketching large hoop earrings—free-hanging movement and keeping it simple and balanced.”

Warm light coming from globe lamps with gold accents draping

Watching the piece come together encouraged a strong vision for our photo shoot right from the get-go. I envisioned a swinging 60’s lounge-y, far-out pad with lots of mojo and, you guessed it, lots of fur. You can say I’m a little infatuated with late 60’s-70’s nostalgia and everything psychedelic.

gold wicker table with modernist chairs under gold and warm lamp

We’re on set, break out our gold retro table and chairs, and get the Unity Pendant installed. Swimming in gold, gold and more gold with the extra touch of fur. That’s right, a fur wall, baby. Had to have it, knowing it would be a great complement to the groovy, free-flowing vibe of the Unity.

Once the fur wall went up, you could guess what happened next…. Are we having fun yet?

By Annie B. Fineberg, Digital Art Director for Vermont Modern and Hubbardton Forge. She joined the Forge in 2012, is bubbly like champagne, listens to vinyl and enjoys faux fur. Stay tuned for the next P.O.V with Annie B.


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